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FRIDAY June 15, 2012


Big Spring C & D: First Contact: Create and Design Aliens—Travis Taylor, Stephanie Osborn, Howard Tayler, Tedd Roberts (m)

Madison: 50 Years of SF Movies, Faves and Hates—Lou Anders, Charles Summers (m), Hank Davis

Monte Santo: Southern Fandom’s First Fans—Jerry Page, David Hulan, Larry Montgomery, Shelby Vick, Gregory Benford


Big Spring C & D: Schlock Mercenary vs. Tyler Vernon—the John & Howard Show—John Ringo, Howard Tayler

Madison: Live Action Book Club: Cordelia’s Honor: Toni Weisskopf, Melanie Ford, Laura Nigg, Julie Wall, Robert Nigg. All are invited to participate in the discussion.

Monte Santo: Tall Tales of DSCs Past—Steve & Sue Francis, David Hulan, Warren Buff (m), Linda Zielke


Big Spring C & D: Fly Me to the Moon—How Do We Get There, What Do We Do When We’re There—Les Johnson, Wm. Ledbetter (m), G. Patrick Molloy, Stephanie Osborn

Madison: Let the Games Begin!—Con Jeopardy! Contestants pulled directly from the audience!—Fritz Fotovich

Monte Santo: Southern Fandom—Location or State of Mind? The Expatriate Southern Fan Experience —Janice Gelb (m), George Wells, David Hulan, Ruth Judkowitz


Big Spring C & D: Opening Ceremonies—with the Ravenar Belly Dancers, Rocket City Rednecks theme song, welcome from the Moon Princesses, short speeches by all guests of honor, program participants acknowledged, party announcements.


Big Spring C & D: Lois McMaster Bujold reading

Madison: John Picacio Slide Show: George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar


Madison: History of Southern Fandom in a Nutshell—Mike Rogers

Monte Santo: Belly Dancing in a Stefnal Way—Workshop, Linda Donahue, Julia Mandala, Debbie Rowan


Big Spring C & D: Comic Music Variety Show


Madison: Stump the Scientists: Bring your impossible questions for: Molecular Biologist—Lance Larka, Neurochemist—Tedd Roberts, Space Scientist—Les Johnson, Misc.—Travis Taylor (m)

Monte Santo: Hank Reinhardt Memorial World’s Worst SF Reading, with George Wells & Guy Lillian—bring your own choices, see if you can top theirs!

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SATURDAY June 16, 2012


Meet in front of the hotel: Walk with the Pros—Lou Anders & Toni Weisskopf lead a walk around Big Spring Park

Monte Santo: Hard SF for Teachers & Librarians—Scientists, Engineers & Educators Tell All—Tim Bolgeo, Tom Feller (m), Linda Donahue, Liz Phillips


Big Spring C & D: Reinhardt Legacy Fight Team Sword & Knife Demonstration

Madison: History of HSV Fandom—Mike Kennedy (m), Sam Smith, Doug Lampert, Mary Lampert, Larry Montgomery, Richard Trulson, Wayne Neumaier

Monte Santo: The Hard of Alt. Hist.—David Drake, Tony Daniel


Big Spring C & D: Pyr Books Slide Show—Lou Anders

Madison: Meeting of Art & Science Fiction: Incorporating Hard Science into Art—Howard Tayler, Bart Kemper, Dr. Demento, John Picacio, Sandra Tayler (m)

Monte Santo: Southern Fandom Confederation: What It Is, Why We Care—Warren Buff, Sue Francis, Julie Wall, Tom Feller (m), Judy Bemis, Randy Cleary


Big Spring C & D: Travis Taylor Slide Show

Madison: Live Action One-Shot—with Cake by Naomi Fisher! Everyone invited to participate.

Monte Santo: David Drake Reading


Big Spring C & D: Howard Tayler Slide Show

Madison: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: Hard SF of RAH—Jim Woosley, Julie Wall, Steve Hughes, Tony Daniel (m), Hank Davis

Monte Santo: An Hour with Larry Montgomery & David Hulan, Curt Phillips (m)


Big Spring C & D: Baen Books Travelling Slide Show—with Prizes!—Toni Weisskopf, Tony Daniel, Laura Haywood-Cory

Madison: Filk Workshop: Have you ever wanted to write a parody song? Some of our music guests will help you do exactly that!— Danny Birt (m), Steve Goodie

Monte Santo: SF of the ‘40s & ‘50s—Jerry Page, Shelby Vick, David Hulan, Curt Phillips (m), Dave Drake, Larry Montgomery


Big Spring C & D: Bio & Other Ethics in SF—Lois McMaster Bujold, Travis Taylor, Tedd Roberts, Lance Larka, Felecia McDuffie (m)

Madison: The UAH Willy Ley Collection— UAH librarian Anne Coleman

Monte Santo: Bham & Other AL Fandoms & Fanzines—Charlotte Proctor, Linda Zielke, Julie Wall (m), Larry Montgomery, Gary Rowan


Big Spring C & D: MilTech—Suit, Tanks, Guns and More—Travis Taylor, Howard Tayler, David Weber, Bart Kemper, John Ringo, Bill Fawcett (m)

Madison: Dr. Demento SF Song Revue—75 minutes

Monte Santo: Hard Fantasy—Lou Anders, Danny Birt (m), Gene Wolfe, Lois McMaster Bujold, Tony Daniel


Big Spring C & D: Art & Charity Auction (charity auction to benefit Makers Local 256)—Everette Beach, auctioneer


Monte Santo: Ravenar Belly Dance performance


Big Spring C & D: Awards Ceremony: Rebel, Phoenix & DSC 50 Short Story award presentations; oh yeah, also the Rubble.


Big Spring C & D: Dr. Demento’s Greatest Hits


Monte Santo: Ah-hoo—Werewolves Howl at the Moon—Julia Mandala, Linda Donahue, Jody Lynn Nye (m), Jim Minz


Big Spring C & D: Presentation of the Logan Award and concerts by our musical guests

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SUNDAY June 17, 2012


Big Spring C & D: Lois McMaster Bujold Q&A—Corlis Robe (m)

Madison: SFC Business Meeting, Warren Buff presides


Big Spring C & D: Moon v. Mars—Wm. Ledbetter, Travis Taylor, Tony Daniel (m), Gregory Benford

Madison: DSC 52 bid presentations and vote—all welcome. Julie Wall presides.


Big Spring C & D: Violence for Writers, with Demos of Hard, Sharp, Pointy Things—Whit Williams, Bart Kemper, Toni Weisskopf

Madison: Dying is Easy, Humor is Hard—Jody Lynn Nye, Julia Mandala, Linda Donahue, Danny Birt, Howard Tayler, Bill Fawcett (m)


Big Spring C & D: Chandra Slide Show: The Fascinating Finds and Further Questions They Lead to of the Orbiting X-ray Telescope—Martin Weisskopf, project scientist

Madison: Podcasting vs. Print Fanzine Smackdown: Guy H. Lillian III, Howard Tayler, Sandra Tayler, Curt Phillips (m)


Big Spring C & D: Cirque du So What?—Shoebox, The Great Luke Ski, Devo Spice & Power Salad

Madison: Access to Energy = Access to the Stars—Les Johnson, William Ledbetter, Travis Taylor, Tony Daniel (m), Jim Beall

3-4pm ish

Big Spring C & D: Closing Ceremonies with all our Guests of Honor & the Moon Princesses, distribution of the Live Action One-Shot.


Pool Area: Join Travis Taylor, Howard Tayler & Toni Weisskopf for 10-minute Trainer Yoga—Sweat the alcohol from last night out!

Later that Evening

Dead Dog Party in the Con Suite, courtesy of Regina Kirby & Crew—put the alcohol back in!

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Embassy Suites Room Layout

A: Art Show - Big Spring A1
B: Dealer’s Room - Big Spring A2 & B
C: Main Programming “Main Stage” - Big Spring C & D

D: Display Room, Card Room & Fanzine/Award Suite - Redstone Boardroom
E: Alternate Programming - Madison Boardroom
F: Alternate Programming - Monte Santo Boardroom
G: Filk Room - Room 201
H: Con Suite - Room 233

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Filk Events


7-8 Main Stage: Opening Ceremonies

9:30-11:30 Main Stage: Sampler Concert -- All Music Guests

12 Main Stage: The Boobles Concert


12 Filk Room 201: Dave Watson Concert, Originals and Denver

1 Filk Room 201: Danny Birt Concert

2 Filk Workshop Madison Boardroom: Steve, Danny

3 Filk Room 201: The Great Luke Ski concert

4 Main Stage: Dr. Demento Presentation #1

5 Filk Room 201: Steve Goodie Concert

7 Filk Room 201: Devo Spice Concert

8:45-10 Main Stage: Dr. Demento Presentation #2

10 Main Stage: Logan Awards Ceremony

11 Filk Room 201: Worm Quartet Concert

12 Main Stage: Nuclear Bubble Wrap Concert


1 Filk Room 201: Power Salad Concert

2 Main Programming: Cirque du So What? Performance



Devo Spice, The Great Luke Ski, Danny Birt, Rob Balder, Steve Goodie, Power Salad, Worm Quartet, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Shoebox, The Boobles.


Julia Mandala, Amora, Linda Donahue & Suzanne.


Pembroke “Whit” Williams, Allen Williams, Adam Lyon, David Lanyon, Thaddeus Mercer.

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Con Suite Hours (Room 233)

Thursday: 8pm until 10pm

Friday: 3pm until 2am

Saturday: 9am until 2am

Sunday: 9am until 3pm

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Art Show (Big Spring A1)

Friday: 2pm - 8pm

Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Art Auction 6 - 7:30pm

Sunday: 10am - 2pm

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Display Room (Redstone)

Friday: 4pm - 9pm

Saturday: 10am - 9pm

Sunday: 12pm - 3pm

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Chattacon/Gregory Benford ANOMALIES Book Launch: Friday Room 202

Planet Baen Launch Party: Friday 8:00pm

London in 2014 Worldcon Bid: Saturday Room 202

Kansas City in 2016 Worldcon Bid

FenCon/DeepSouthCon 49 Thank You

JordanCon/DeepSouthCon 51

ConTrails-DeepSouthCon 52 Bid

New Orleans-DeepSouthCon 53 Bid

CONtraflow - New Orleans, LA

ConStellation - Huntsville, AL

Marcon - Columbus, OH

Xerpes in 2010

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DSC has always encouraged costuming and this year is no different. Put on your corsets, wizard robes, capes, boots, goggles and hats and have fun exploring the lunar surface. Friday and Saturday during the convention there will be roaming judges handing out Hall Costume Award badge ribbons to acknowledge your creativity and hard work.

The Best Lunar Party Hall Costume will be announced Saturday night at the Awards Ceremony.

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Dealers Room (Big Spring 2&3)

Friday: 10am - 3pm (Dealer Setup)

3pm - 7pm

Saturday: 11am - 6pm

Sunday: 11am - 2pm

All dealers must be out by 4pm

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Russ Ault - Instant Attitudes

Lee Billings

Scott and Jane Dennis – Fo’ Paws

Steve Francis

Weatherly Hardy – Aardvark Tees

John Hollis

Glennis LeBlanc

Chris Oakley –

Oakley’s Gently Used Books

Laura and Russell Peterson –

Science Fiction Collectibles

Laura Reynolds

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Hearts Tournament (Redstone Boardroom)

Friday 9:00 PM - 1st Round. Show up if you want to play. Be there or be left out.

11:00 PM - 2nd Round. Like the fans of old, play into the night. Players advancing from 1st Round: Be there or be replaced by an alternate.

Saturday 11:00 AM - 3rd Round. This may be the Finals if we started with only 16 players.

4:00 PM - 4th Round - If needed.

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